Production of Quality
Cooked and Sliced Meats

Here at Brown Brothers Ltd we boast an extensive range of high quality cooked and sliced meats, with various flavours, cooking processes, and preparation options available, meaning we can offer our customers exactly what they want every time.
Based at our state-of-the-art, 120,000 sq ft bespoke factory, we specialise in the production and manufacturing of quality cooked and sliced meats. Our in-house product development team are dedicated to the innovation and development of exciting new products to deliver to our customers.

Cooked and Sliced Meats

Product Safety
is Critical to Our Operation

Product safety is critical to our operation; Brown Brothers is a BRC approved site which recognises and ensures our products’ traceability and diligence in production, ensuring absolute quality and consistency every time.
Over the past two decades, we have built very strong working relationships with our suppliers, which we believe are an ideal balance between local, national and international suppliers. Self- distribution and packing ensures we can provide a consistent and reliable service to our customers from start to finish.

Product Safety

Browns Believe
in Quality and Value

Here at Brown Brothers we believe in quality and value, which is reflected by investment into our machinery and equipment at our state-of-the-art, custom production site. Our aim is to provide a consistent and sustainable product which meets the quality and expectations we, and our customers, expect every time. This is achieved through absolute diligence from the raw materials, all the way through to delivery by our dedicated, in-house fleet.
Our high-tech slicers ensure continuity and efficiency of slicing and feed into the latest technology thermo-formers to produce a high quality finished cooked meat product.

Quality and Value

Extremely Proud
of Our Scottish Heritage

We are extremely proud of our Scottish heritage and our Tarbert Fine range utilises only Scottish Beef, Specially Selected Pork and Specially Selected Ham labels to provide customers with quality meat which meets and exceeds Scotland's stringent farm and processor assurance scheme standards.

Scottish Beef, Specially Selected Pork and Specially Selected Ham